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Sports Fans!!!!! Manager, Revenue Operations 

Location: Arlington, VA
Job # 9154082
Date Posted: 04-06-2017


The Revenue Operations team is in charge of keeping our client's daily fantasy sports contests running. You’ll be helping to guide their team on things like creating daily contests, pricing players for salary cap games, forecasting demand, and delivering useful analysis of how players participate in their games. Revenue Operations is an invaluable part of what they do and you will be an important member of the team. They are looking for a candidate who is able to adapt to the rapid demands of product operations and handle a wide variety of tasks.
Working for the CRO, the Revenue Operations Manager will oversee and manage all player activity that generates revenue, the health and sustainability of the game economy, and customer retention activity. This person will be responsible for developing strategies and optimizing ROI from the Fanball ecosystem to deliver on goals, including working closely with marketing, product, customer support teams, and others. This person will own the players and their end-to-end experience. Every aspect of how users experience Fanball should be oriented around delivering value to them, rather than extracting value from them. What this means practically is that every touch-point from lead generation to customer service is oriented around users as individuals. How we mine channels for new users is connected to what those users can expect from our platform. What benefits do they derive, what do they miss, what needs are latent? Key activities include:
  • Ensure Overall Health and Sustainability of Fanball Economy
  • End-to-End Player Lifecycle
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Product Feature Support
  • Analyzing and Forecasting Daily and Seasonal Demand
  • Tournament Sizing Strategy
  • Non-Guaranteed Contest Strategy
  • Game / Slate Schedule Strategy
  • Player List, Position, Price Strategy
  • Design Tracking Reports for Product Operations Metrics
  • Provide Input to Product & Engineering on Product Operations Admin Tools
Overall Analytics
  • Ongoing Metrics Analysis and Optimization
  • Daily Review of Key Business Metrics
  • Assist Team with Forecasting and Marketing Planning
  • Validate Assumptions Built into Forecasts
  • Build Forecast Models for Specific Metrics
  • Feedback on Marketing Plan and Assumptions
Gameplay Analytics
  • Overall KPI / Metrics Tracking to Measure Feature Success
  • Contest Sizing Reporting
  • Lobby Monitoring
  • Tools to Assist with Pricing
  • Prize Structure Automation
Product Feature Support
  • Propose Hypotheses Related to Areas of Strength or Weakness
  • Test Hypotheses via A/B Tests, Data Analysis, Industry Benchmarking, Surveys, etc.
  • Plan and Implement Actions Based on Results
  • Feedback on Product Feature Prioritization and Design
  • Feedback on Feature List Plans and Priority
  • Review Feature Designs
  • Assist with Product Testing
  • Feedback on Relative Value of Planned Features & Potential Additions
Issue Escalation / Resolution
  • Assist Team with Support and Issue Escalation Planning
  • Build Models to Estimate Support Needs Based on User Volume
  • Assist with Processes for Routine Issues
  • Assist Team on Responses to Common DFS Issues
  • Develop Processes and Tools for Handling Major Crises
Essential Requirements
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Analytic/quantitative education or relevant experience
  • Effective written communication
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Familiarity with the daily fantasy sports industry
  • (Office location)
  • Interest in a role with a variety of responsibilities
  • Ability to work off hours and weekends as needed
Essential Requirements
  • SQL skills
  • Programming experience (any language)
  • College degree in a quantitative or analytical field
  • Previous management experience
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